Vision Designs is a family owned kitchen and bathroom specialty company based in Beaumont Texas. 

We offer new cabinets, cabinet refacing, custom back splashes, and a large assortment of
granite from pre-fabricated to the exotics at extremely competitive pricing. Our design team is ready to offer as much, or as little input as you want in exploring the possibilities for your home. 

We are passionate about making your home as beautiful as you desire it to be.

Vision Designs

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What is Cabinet Re-facing all about?


More than 90% of homeowners
plan to keep the layout of their
kitchen basically the same. 
If your existing kitchen is well
designed, structurally sound,
and functional, there is really
no reason to tear your cabinets out.

Your existing cabinet boxes can
be updated with your choice of
color, color and glaze, or re-faced with real wood veneer, then  stained and finished.  New doors and drawer fronts along with  various mouldings can then be installed and your kitchen.




We know how important your home is to you.

We also know the importance of high quality work

done in a timely manner.

When your home is involved,

our primary goal at job end is your satisfaction.

Premium quality materials and finishes are

the beginning to a beautiful end.

Our team can truly bring new life to your cabinets.

  "We give new life to tired spaces"



Donnie in The Groves,
"You've exceeded my expectations.
I love it".

Judy in Silsbee,
"I can't believe it is the same kitchen".

Dotty in Beaumont,
"I have never had a kitchen this beautiful".

Liz in Vidor,
"My friends insist they are new cabinets".

Pam in The Groves,
"My bathrooms look like they should be in a spa".

 Sandy in Beaumont,
"You guys blessed us with a beautiful kitchen.  It surpassed anything I could imagine.

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